Versailles Ballroom

A Monumental Wedding Venue

The Versailles Ballroom, Our most monumental and classic venue

The Versailles Ballroom is the largest of the three ballrooms at 100 feet by 70 feet wide. A total of 7000 square feet, and perhaps the most luxurious. Decorated in the elaborate style that emulates the fabulous palace of Versailles in Paris, your wedding reception of up to 400 guests will be everything you ever dreamed of! The Versailles Ballroom ceiling rises to an impressive height of 13 feet.

The Versailles is lit by four huge crystal chandeliers and the walls are embellished with matching crystal sconces. The walls are stunning with beautiful mirrors. There is a raised stage for your DJ or band to perform. It overlooks an eight hundred square foot polished hardwood dance floor. The remainder of the room is adorned with rich deep pile carpet.



Additional Features

  • A spacious refined lobby provides access to the upper level of our parking structure with over 550 total parking spaces. It also contains the coat check room and large, modern restrooms.
  • The Versailles has a lovely, comfortable bridal suite with a private bathroom for your use. You may use it before your ceremony, or you and your attendants can use it as a private retreat during the course of the night. The ballroom has large custom-built oval tables and luxurious chairs. The tables are fitted with floor-length table linens and napkins in the color of your choice. Elegant crystal candelabras or towering glass vases are the table centerpieces for your floral arrangements.
  • You may customize your room setup, including the head table. You may choose a large raised bridal table, a sweetheart table or a bridal head table in the center of the ballroom. Regardless of your choice, your table will be fully dressed in linens and lace. Chair covers, upscale linens, table runners, and other enhancements are available.
  • The Versailles Ballroom has its own independent environmental system. There are extensive lighting and complimentary uplighting.  If an audiovisual presentation is planned, there is a drop down screen, 10 x 10 foot square behind the stage.
  • The Rose Terrace is adjacent to the Versailles Ballroom. It is a substantial room used for the cocktail hour, and it has beautiful crystal chandeliers that match the ballroom.