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Murder Mystery Dinner Theater

Our rotating murder mystery dinner theater productions give our guests interactive culinary experiences big on entertainment and intrigue. Whether you’re planning a date night or a fun evening out with friends, we invite you to come crack the case at Fishers! While shows change throughout the year, you can always count on having a blast — and a great meal — every time!

Murder in Tinseltown Murder Mystery Dinner

Hollywood’s hottest producer, Cecil M. DeBill, has invited anyone who is anyone to his birthday party – including you! Unfortunately, tragedy has befallen this celebration. A few minutes before the party started, Cecil went into his office to answer a phone call and never returned. Two of the party’s attendees, Ginger Rogers and Fred Astaire, began to search for him when they discovered him lying on the floor of his study…dead. With the assistance of Gertie (an all-too-eager hat check girl), and Cecil’s wife (a socialite who may be after more than justice), can Humphrey Bogart ferret out the guilty party? In Hollywood, everyone has a motive – especially in this “Murder in Tinseltown.”

WARNING: Flashing Lights and Gunshot Sounds may be used in this production. If you have any questions, please contact us before the show.

How Does Murder Mystery Dinner Work?

While each of our productions varies in theme and storyline, here are a few pertinent questions and answers that address what you can generally expect from our productions:

What Is a Murder Mystery Dinner?

A murder mystery dinner is a form of dinner theater in which audience members cooperate and interact with cast members to solve a fictitious murder scene. Most shows are often comedic and performed in coordination with the serving of a multi-course meal between “acts” or pre-determined breaks.

The end goal for participants is to gather clues provided through the storytelling and performances and use them to deduce the identity and motive of the “murderer.”

What Happens During a Murder Mystery Dinner?

In our fully-immersive shows, guests will be ushered into the world of the mystery by costumed actors, who will seat audience members, convey to them the rules of the game, and assign suspect roles.

The roles played by audience participants are usually those of murder suspects. Props and light costuming may be offered to the guests (such as hats or glasses), to signal to other audience members that any certain individual is participating in the show.

Guests will be placed on a team with the others sitting at their respective tables and will work together to solve the crime. As the night progresses, you’ll interrogate suspects, pick up on clues, and work to crack the case before the culprit gets off scot-free!

Enjoy Murder Mystery Dinner at Fishers Bensalem!

Don’t settle for yet another boring night in or lackluster evening out — join us for a multi-course dinner theater-turned-deadly!

Our professional actors guide the entire comedic caper for an entertaining night of laughter, dining, and you guessed it — mystery! No two guests will have the same exact experience, as our shows are designed to create unique, memorable moments for each attendee.

Whether you are looking to spend a fun night collaborating with (and perhaps fictionally plotting against) your friends or co-workers, celebrating an occasion, or just shaking things up with a real whodunit, our murder mystery dinners in the greater Philadelphia area are perfect for you!

For more information about our murder mystery dinners, ticket availability, or dining at Fishers in Bucks County, PA, contact us today.