Fishers Covid-19 Protocols

We are following all necessary CDC guidelines for Covid-19 at Fisher’s Bensalem.

  • Indoor seating is all owed up to 50% of occupancy with self-certification in the state program. Seating must be a minimum of 6 feet from back of chair at one table to back of chair at the next closest table. It may not be possible to get 50% capacity after social distancing considerations.
  • All wait staff, hosts, takeout window and register staff must be masked. Staff may choose between masks or face shields as medically appropriate. Either gloves (with changes at frequent intervals or between tasks) must be worn or frequent handwashing/hand sanitizing with at least 60% alcohol content must be done on a regular basis.
  • Staff should be assigned to clean high-touch areas as frequently as possible, including entrance door handles, restrooms, tabletops, washable menus (reusable menus must have the ability to be repeatedly sanitized), check presenters, pens, digital payment devices after customer use.
  • Establish a limit for the number of employees in small shared spaces, including breakrooms and offices.
  • All condiments must be single service.
  • Reservations should be required to manage crowding.
  • A Plexiglas shield or other barrier must be installed at the checkout to protect staff.
  • Alcohol may only be served as part of a meal.
*We can safely socially distance with over 80,000 sq. feet to use