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Come Hang Out in our FAirways lounge!

The Fairways Lounge is open by Appointment ONLY!


Whether you’re looking for a fun place to celebrate a birthday, a lively atmosphere to share a drink with a couple of friends, or a genuine tavern experience to eat some delicious grub — Fishers Fairways Lounge is the destination for you! Equal parts lounge and game room, Fishers Fairways Lounge lives up to its name; from providing you seats and pub tables for a comfortable dining experience to billiards, darts, and other activities for you to have a blast with.


Here are a few notable features of Fishers Fairways Lounge that you don’t want to miss out on:


fairways at fishers

Indoor Golf Simulators

Lining the wall across the bar are designated golf booths ready for you and your group to come hit the virtual links! Spanning from floor to ceiling, our projector screens immerse you and your fellow players in a realistic golf experience — sparking some friendly competition as a result.

Looking to change it up from golf? No problem! Our software features several interactive games suited for players of varying skill levels. We guarantee there’s something for everyone, so make sure to “swing” by!

Full-Service Bar & Restaurant

A great meal and a fun evening don’t have to be in separate locations — they can even be in the same room! This space lets you enjoy our full menu in a casual setting so you can set up shop for a night of good eats, tasty drinks, and recreational entertainment — all in the same vicinity. Whether you’re grabbing a quick bite or diving into a 3-course meal, we’ve got something that’s sure to satisfy.

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